The Comeback of Bridal Veil In The Easily Detachable Netted Dupatta Version

The Indian Wedding traditions involve millions of things, some pretty huge and popular amongst all of us while some pretty small yet crucial but won’t be known by all of us but surely known to our grandmothers and their tribe. With the passing years, hundreds of traditions are left behind in the past and many old ones’s are evolved with the modern touch to them.

India with a country of numerous religions in within it has different traditions with every religion, some base traditions stay similar in all of it like the seven rounds are general amongst all Hindu religions.

Wearing a Veil by the Bride and the Groom was a part of these traditions, while the groom’s veil is prepared by a curtain of flowers the bride’s veil simply means lowering of her Dupatta over her face. The tradition of hiding both the groom’s and bride’s faces by veils came with the fear of misfortune. This tradition though existed throughout every culture and religious wedding traditions of the world. But, with time people came over it, but now it’s back and not with the fear of misfortune again but for the charm of fashion trend.

But this time it’s not an opaque veil for females, but the netted cloth which keeps the concept veil going along with the beauty o bride shining all throughout the procession of the wedding.

Here is how you can make it on your own easily.