The Instagram Famous Dogs & Their Professional Life

Instagram was once a simple social media started for people to post pictures of their daily rendezvous so as to make a canopy of life events to look back at in the future. Though the application soon turned into a photography inspiring platform for the masses, what with all the community and groups being formed with the idea to bring believe together who are passionate about photography and who are willing to experiment with different genres of it.

Well, with so much creativity overflowing in the Instagram community people have started making a varied variety of content, which has been very much catching everyone’s attention pretty positively. One such thing is dog owners starting up social Instagram accounts for their Dogs, Surprised? Yeah, that’s a thing and we are how come you still haven’t come across one.

Katie Sturino is one such Dog Mumma who started individual accounts for her three dogs whom she adopted from “Puppy mill rescues” namely “Toast, Underpants & Muppets”. Alongside she also works as a Body positivity influence.

Know more about these famous Instagram Dogs personalities and their Professional life alongside their Mumma.