Twenty Office Outfit Ideas From Some Staple Formal Clothing Items

Being a working woman myself, I know how much of a struggle dressing up for the day it is. Not just work wise but since childhood, it’s embedded in our head to dress well especially for us female gender, which isn’t completely a negative thing, but when working a 9-hour shift five-six days every week it can take a toll on your mind to put together an outfit. There are so many times, that our closet is filled with right kind of clothes but we still feel that we have nothing to wear because we always end up pairing same bottoms with same tops, failing to even try to be creative.

It’s okay, you don’t have to be hard on yourself. Our workplace is not a small hall of few people it’s a giant ground of numerous people and looking formally presentable is a byproduct of it. Our closet just needs some key clothing items, a few shades of colors that compliment each other and we are good to play around them and form more than one outfit out of them.

You will always find inspiration on the Internet, here in this video Miss Louie has got us a month whole set of outfit ideas which are built in with a mixture of some staple formal clothing items.