Wear Your Long Skirts Even In Monsoons But In A Different Style

Rains as near approaching, in fact, the midnight showers before the day-long rains have already started making their presence every other day. And thus, all those long dresses and skirts will have to take a backseat in your closet, but what if we told your favorite long skirts can be still be worn in these rains, just more in new style and grace.

Here, we have got you a detailed DIY project to turn your pretty long skirts into a Cape dress or Poncho dresses. What’s even better about is the fact you will be using most of the skirt, thus not wasting away any garment. it’s easy and the results are pretty satisfying. All you need is a skirt with a pattern, design or extravagant border on the bottom and you will be able to make pretty Poncho dress out of it.

Here’s the process of how you can do it.