What is a Tropical Garden?

A tropical garden is a combination of tropical plants that requires plenty of rainfall or at least good irrigation or sprinkler system for watering. Such type of gardening is very famous and is found in numerous places all across the world. Tropical garden need fertilizer and also require heavy mulching.

However, this type of garden is no longer called as exclusive, especially in the tropical areas. The design of each tropical garden is done thoughtfully by a careful choice of flowers and plants. The main features of this type of garden are taking up plants with very large leaves, can be vegetation that can be possibly planted in the height towards the garden’s back in views of creating a dense garden. This type of garden includes large plants and small trees that cover the garden and leaves the ground to come in contact with direct sunlight.

There are several types of tropical plants that are used widely in designing this type of garden or are used as indoor plants.

  • Banana Plants

According to common belief, growing banana plant is not that difficult for people. Instead, banana plants allow people to eat their own fresh bananas for which they do not have to visit the market and buy the bananas. Other than this, banana plants are used as windbreaks and require fertile soils and huge amount of mulch and organic matter. Also, banana plants require nitrogen and potassium, high humidity, warm temperature, abundant water, and shelter from other banana plants so that it could grow easily.