What is the largest truck?

How big or large could any truck be? We all know that as it is a truck is pretty massive and gigantic. Then again, how big a truck could possibly be? A real big, massive huge truck is used in mining. But could there be any other truck bigger and larger than that? The dump truck is the largest truck you might ever known of, for now.

These huge dump trucks are used to pull heavy metals ores out of the mining pits. The truck weighs at least one million pound and it can carry a dump of more than 300 tons at the back. Some feel that a Mack truck or Ford F-450 Crew Cab could be the largest truck. But that is not the case. A Honda Fit has a horsepower of 117 while a Jaguar XF has a horsepower of 300, but these mining trucks have a horsepower of about 3000. And this horsepower is certainly required to carry all that mining dump.

These mining trucks stand nearly 20 feet tall. For this a driver would have to climb from his car into a open window on the second floor of an average building. These trucks are of the same length as an adult full grown whale. There are many manufacturers of such trucks. Some vary in size and weight and of course shape. But it would totally be right to say that these mining trucks fall into the category of monster trucks. If one really has to know the biggest and largest truck in the world you would have to consider certain aspects like its weight, height, length, capacity to carry things and so on.

Trucks like Caterpillar 797B, Komastsu 930E-4, Liebherr T 282 B, Terex MT 6300AC fall into the list of largest trucks. Comparing these trucks the result is Terex MT 6300AC is the largest truck in the world. It can easily pull 400 tons and it costs more than a million dollars. Terex MT 6300AC is the world’s largest, tallest and heaviest truck having the most powerful engine. But the only place where it falls a little less is the length of the vehicle. It is just an inch shorter than its competitor, Komastsu 930E-4.