What Is This Garden Artwork- Kokedama & How To Make One Of Your Own

The other day we bumped into a picture of hanging plant which with no pot to hold it and instead was wrapped around with the moss, the beautiful artwork was even more appealing because it was styled in a way that it looked like a pineapple with the actual plant being the leaves of it while the base acted the role of the pineapple. The artwork was appealing and just like any beautiful artwork, you always wonder how did it come into shape. We shared the similar feeling.

And just now we bump into a video on Youtube with the same kind of plant artwork, obviously, we went ahead to watch the tutorial, and it seemed pretty sensible and creative at the same time. And we came to know that the artwork actually has a name and is one which is not much particular to the choice of plants but can be done with almost any plant. They are called Kokedama. Thus, we do love to share the same with all you people who are seeking out for new gardening artworks just like us.

Watch on to know how:-