Why Traditions Are So Important – 7 Reasons

When you hear the word holiday, parties, shopping, sales, and catalogues rank near the top of your list. The truth is, these days holidays are becoming so commercialized that our proud traditions are in danger of becoming trivialized.

Many of us can’t even remember the true meaning of the holidays. Labor Day’s role in recognizing the achievements of organized labour now just marks the end of summer, Memorial Day has morphed from remembering our fallen soldiers to the unofficial beginning of summer and Veterans Day is honoured as a day off from work.

Why Traditions Matter
Traditions are a critical piece of our culture. They help form the structure and foundation of our our society and families. They serve as a reminder of a history that defines our past, shapes who we are today and who we are likely to become. If we ignore the meaning of our traditions, we’re in danger of damaging the underpinning of our identity. So here are 7 reasons why traditions are so important

  1. Tradition contributes a sense of comfort and belonging. It brings families together and enables people to reconnect with friends.
  2. Tradition provides a forum to showcase role models and celebrate the things that really matter in life.
  3. Tradition serves as an avenue for creating lasting memories for our families and friends.
  4. Tradition reinforces values such as freedom, faith, integrity, a good education, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, and the value of being selfless.
  5. Tradition enables us to showcase the principles of our Founding Fathers, celebrate diversity, and unite as a country.
  6. Tradition offers a chance to say “thank you” for the contribution that someone has made.
  7. Tradition offers an excellent context for meaningful pause and reflection.