Youtubers ‘Brad & Hailey Devine’ Share Their Process OF Taking & Uploading An Instagram Picture

We have been following ‘Brad & Hailey Devine’ for over the year now and we love their set of videos and their Instagram page. The Couple is such couple goals and with the recent arrival of their second baby girl, the family is just again Family goals.

The couple is both photography enthusiastic and has now made a career out of it, along with carrying their little one’s around the world as they travel. There are videos mainly comprise of their touring to different destinations around the world, sometimes alone sometimes with other groups of people. They have a website of their own where they further spread their knowledge and also have been using it organise events or tours for their followers. The Website is named “Somewhere Devine”.

If you go to their individual Instagram page Hailey Devine & Bradley Devine you will get to see some super cute family pictures, pictures of their young ones and of their travel expeditions. They document their life as and on they go.

Since we love their work so much, we were super thankful when they shared this recent video of them sharing the process they undergo through while building their perfect Instagram feed.

Here are some tips for you to help.