Misconceptions We All have About Diet That Actually Leads Us to Major Health Mistakes

The world is mostly concentrated with people who easily gain weight and have to daily watch over their diet and energy consumed to keep their weight in check. Gaining weight is a worldwide issue that can be related to most of the population.

One of the key ingredients in a person’s rapid weight gain is Sugar. A lot of our natural, artificial and processed food consist of high amount of Sugar, which is known to most of the people. Thus, dietitians say the first thing we need to stop to lose weight is to stop drinking or eating our sugar.

Here, many go on diet with increasing the proportion of liquids in their daily diet to solid food. But, they don’t care enough to look what they are really drinking in the name healthy liquids. Most of the packed juices and teas are a mixture of half part being sugar and the other half being the water and fruit or just the essence in some cases. It’s important you count and calculate the amount of sugar present in the drinks which claim to be healthy. Even when you are making Smoothies by yourself at home stick make sure to completely skip Sugar and if need be stick to honey to sweeten your drink.

The next thing that we all always make mistake in is skipping our meals especially the one’s which fall in the first half of the day. When you skip your first meal that is the breakfast you are letting down your stomach thus, slowly creating an angry hunger in the belly which keeps getting stronger and also increases the craving for sugar intake.

Skipping Meals only leads to heavy unhealthy meals in the other half of the day which will disturb the pattern for your stomach and also increase the craving for sugar and unhealthy food. We even talk from our personal observation, that when we have had early, healthy and full breakfast it sufficiently reduces our hunger and keeps satiated through the day with small and lighter meals.

Thus, avoid making Coffee the only breakfast you have in the morning and rather invest enough time in having a proper and full breakfast involving heavy diet along with smoothies or juices.