Tutorial On How To Root Or Propagate A Cactus Plant With Causes For Same

We had previously shared with you video tutorials on how to propagate succulents. And we guess we all will agree that propagation of succulents is a very easy and pleasing process. Since they can be simply re-grown from any part of the whole body be it stem, or a single leaf.

Cacti are considered as a part of succulent family, but after care taking both of them, we have come to a conclusion and that is growing succulents and cacti are both considered easy, growing succulents needs a lot of getting used to it and in the process you might end up killing a few of them, but cacti are way similar and just needs weekly watering and sun-rays to feed on. They are not as sensitive as succulents and don’t get much rotten or dry out since excess of both water supply or sun.

But, said so, cacti might also have few issues of their own. In the following video host of Youtube channel Garden Answers shares with us, rooting of Cactus or in other words propagating cactus along with reasons for the same.