How Easy & Patience Testing IS Growing Pineapples At Home

The sweet fruit of Pineapple has today captured the Tumblr & Instagram world, as people now associate with it as the Tumblr worth prop in their pictures. With fashion garments and foot-wears emerging with pineapple icons, people’s love for the said fruit has only grown. But the self-crowned fruit has been on the favorites list for most of the population. So having a continuous supply of it can never upset anyone.

You will be surprised to know the process of growing them, and how easy it actually is. And we are just gonna share with you the same. Firstly, all you will need for planting one are just three elements,

1. A Pineapple Fruit Itself

2. Soil

3. Pot if you reside colder region.


Thus, for starters buy a pineapple from the place you can be rest assured will provide you with the best quality and ripped fruit. Once purchased chop of the Head and save it aside, meanwhile enjoy the juicy fruit in any form you love it the most. Make sure you cut below an inch of the Fruit along with the leaf crown head.

Your extra pineapple best from the past stride is all you have to grow a pineapple. A pineapple is a fruit, so in this way, it would produce be able to seeds, yet from what we comprehend seeds are uncommon in trained pineapples. In view of the absence of a flooding supply of seeds, utilising the cutting from the highest point of an eaten pineapple is the perfect approach.


For the planting itself, some say that putting the pineapple top directly into the ground works best. There are other techniques to planting pineapples, such as trimming all of the remaining fruit away leaving just the base of the leaves, then letting the top dry out for a few days, then putting the pineapple top in a glass of water until roots start growing, then finally planting the pineapple top into the ground. some have failed with these extra steps as well. Trimming all of the fruit away just seems to kill the pineapple plant, even before it is planted. Root sprouting in water resulted in some very mouldy pineapple plants, which ended up not surviving. So with all of these extra steps that you could try, sticking the pineapple top directly into the ground seems to work best.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can plant your pineapple directly into the ground. If your winter weather is any worse than the occasional freeze, plant your pineapple in a pot where you can take it inside.

When you pick out a spot (or pot) for your pineapple, make sure it has room. The plants grow to about five feet across and get spiny leaves, so take that into consideration when deciding where you plant your pineapple.

Once you have decided where to plant your pineapple, dig a hole in the dirt. The hole only needs to be deep enough to cover the fruit still attached to the pineapple’s leaves. Place the pineapple in the hole, and cover with dirt, leaving the pineapple leaves exposed above ground. If you’re planting in a pot rather than the ground, the same applies with the only difference being that your dirt is contained within the walls of the pot.


Once your pineapple is in the dirt, water the plant.

If you are growing your pineapple in the ground, you can basically forget about it for a while. Pineapples are very much maintenance free plants. After the initial plantings, you can leave it to plant every few days and not regularly. It can’t hurt if you do water your pineapple plants more often than when it rains, but the plants definitely won’t die if you forget to water them every few days.

If you are growing your pineapple in a pot where you bring the plant inside during colder weather, It would definitely be recommended to water the pineapple more often.


Pineapple plants grow slowly. After about a year, you will definitely notice the growth in your plants. It can take somewhere between 2-3 years for plants to start producing fruit.

The fruit will start forming in the centre of the pineapple plant. It starts out looking like a large bright red and yellow flower. The flower eventually transforms into the normal looking pineapple fruit that everyone is familiar with.

While you’re waiting for the plant to produce a fruit, be on the lookout for animals living among the pineapple leaves. It seems tree frogs seem to enjoy resting among the plants.

Give your pineapples a chance to get ready on the plant. They taste better that way, as opposed to the locally acquired pineapples that get ready on the racks. At the point when the outside skin of the pineapple begins changing from dark colored to yellow, run outside with a saw and sliced through the stalk supporting the pineapple. In this procedure of sitting tight for the ideal minute to pick your pineapple, be cautious of the area squirrels. They additionally appreciate decent ready pineapples, so on the off-chance that you don’t beat them excessively it, you may go outside one morning and discover your pineapple half ate up.

Take the pineapple inside and appreciate eating your home grown fruit. Appreciate it, and spare the top so when you’re done you would make be able to your pineapple plants duplicate…