Sleeveless To Cold-Shoulder Top- Learn How to Make It

“What do I wear today? I have Got nothing in My Closet” which basically means I am bored of my same old clothes with same boring style. Isn’t this all of us every fortnight. But still, we won’t ever have the strengthen to throw it off or donate to someone else, because admit it they are still so cute and there is a reason why you bought them. It’s basically just because you are done looking the same in that outfit always.

Well, to bring your clothes back to use with all the new love is just to play around with them and experiment some fashion snip stick on it. This, will save you from spending on clothing and also help you in wearing something you like a new way and garnering some extra cookies off people with their compliments for your creativity.

Here, the host of Youtube channel “Slick and Natty” shares with us how to make the new Cold Shoulder top out a sleeveless top, Surprised? So were we, but then it all made sense.