Ten Hacks & Tips For Beauty Care Products Part 1

Every girl knows that taking care of yourself and looking like all the perfect beauty requires time and efforts, thus here are a few beauty tips or rather say hacks to simplify your daily skin and body care routine and remedies to issues relating to the products. Some will come across as weird, but even if it sounds weird if it does the work who is complaining.

1. An Alternative to Eyebrow Gel:-

Instead of using get for your Eyebrows, try to apply some hairspray, spray some onto a special eyebrow comb or use an old mascara brush, smooth out your Eyebrows right after using the spray. This trick will make your eyebrows voluminous.

2.Whitening Your Nails:-

Your nails can take up a yellowish tint if you use a lot of dark polish colours. To make them look clean and white again, soak a cotton pad in lemon juice, wrap it around your nail and cover it with aluminium foil. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes, then remove and you will have white shining nails.

3. The Use Before Date:-

Most of the times Companies use a special symbol to indicate how long you can use a beauty product after it’s been opened. To remember when exactly, write the date on the bottle immediately after opening it for the first time.

4. Emergency For A Broken Nail:-

A Tea bag will help you cope with a broken nail. Remove the tea leaves from the bag and cut off a piece to fix your nail. Stick it on the spot where your nail has broken and cut off any excess that goes beyond the length of your nail. Now you a nail file to shape and then cover it with a base coat of polish.

5. Eye Drops For Dry Mascara:-

To bring Dry Mascara back to life, use eye drops or contact lens fluid. Add several drops to the mascara tube, close it and shake it for a minute. Now it will be as good as new.

6. Cleaning Hair Straighteners & Curlers:-

To clean your Hair Straighteners or Hair curlers, mix some baking soda with Hydrogen peroxide, and wipe it along the surface using a soft tissue. Then wipe it one more time a completely dry tissue. Now it’s Shiny and New.

7. A Matte Finish To Your Lips:-

To give your lips a luxurious matte look, use a blusher. First, apply your favourite lipstick. Then smear your finger with powder blush and stamp it over the lipstick. Just be sure to choose the right shade.

8. The Perfect Manicure:-

Before applying your nail polish, apply some lip balm or Vaseline to the skin around your nails. This will prevent any polish from staining your skin. It can be easily removed with a brush or Q-tip.

9. Protecting Cosmetics While Traveling:-

To make sure your Powder, Blusher, and Eye Shadow don’t crack while traveling, place cotton wool pads over the top of them. This softens any blows that come from being shaken around.

10. Washing Your Brushes Quickly:-

To wash your various Makeup brushes quickly and more efficiently, create a special plate for them. Take an ordinary single use plastic or paper plate, and make random shapes on it’s surface using hot glue. When the glue has dried, mix some water and shampoo and rub your brushes against the plate until the water running from them is clear. Finally, rinse the brush in clean water.