The Summer Outfit Ideas Of Colors & Prints

There has become a basic trend of flow style and fashion which flows according to the current season. While the woolen in winter and cotton in summers is pretty self-explanatory, the new about fashion styles also keeps dividing in the season format. While single block or pastel colors are mostly taking up the winter season, summers are more into prints and colors of nature like yellows, blues, and greens.

The summer heat allows you to style in less and the winters allow you to style in layers. While it’s not mandatory the stick to the general tendency of the season, this is the much observed and easily approachable trend. And who is even complaining the variety of options available are enough for both seasons to keep us satisfied all the time.

Here Sejal Kumar shares with us her idea of Summer Dressing, it’s all about easy flowy, and lightness to beat the heat kinda outfits.