This Nintendo Watch Is All We Want

Some products from the past are such that they get you nostalgic. No matter how many cool upgrades they get, we can’t help but miss the original ones! Unfortunately, we can’t transport back to the 1990s. But, what we can do is show you this awesome watch, that will remind you of the goings-on in the present—with some past nostalgia!

This Nintendo watch from Game ’n’ Watch is a no-brainer for the gamer in you. For $25.99, it fits well as a standalone gift (or even as a gift for yourself).

It is sad that it doesn’t have the feature of playing any games. But, the buttons do make the same official “Game Boy” sounds you so loved to hear. Not a fan of the blue? We have some good news! The watch is also available in gray for 40 percent off – just $15.99.

Know someone (or even yourself) who is in a desperate need of waking up on time in the morning? Then you can consider the Game Boy alarm clock to arise to the cheerful tunes of Super Mario Land.