Lets Acknowledge The Existence Of Depression As An Illness & Discuss It

Depression is very debatable topic to discuss, not for the fact that some people don’t consider it as an illness just like other physical illness but because of the nature of it and the sensitivity it carries along with itself. Depression can occur to any person irrelevant to their age, physicality, financial status or relationship status with others.

The reasons or causes of the disorder are endless and are most of the times not visible to anybody, sometimes not even the sufferer, it could be called as Silent Depression. One major issue of people seeking professional help for this illness other than people’s ignorant nature is the fact that so many are unaware of it. As we write this article, we still question ourselves if we are fully versed with the complete concept of Depression.

As the year’s pass, the number of Deaths due to reasons of Depression & Suicide keeps rising. A while back the researchers said the maximum amount of Depression facing generation falls in the category of 15 to 29 years of age. But, as times go the illness is losing it’s age barrier and spreading through young adolescents and an older generation too.

The reasons for depression also varies according to the age ratio, for the younger generation it obviously involves the pressure of society and family to excel in every corner of academics, peer pressures, bullying and so on.

While in the case of 15 to 29years ratio, it ranges from a love interest, career choices, failure, and so much more, this is one of the crucial time of everybody’s life, where one implies their past lessons and build the blocks for their future in personal and professional aspects.

The older generation who have been for a quite longer while compared to the other two groups deals with the pressures of the knowledge of the journey so far and the responsibility that keeps getting stronger with each passing days. With the society’s pressure to set examples of being the perfect partner, parent, colleague, citizen and all the roles one has to go by with time. As the number of age rises a certain kind of loneliness might as well creep in in spite of having one’s friends and family.

There doesn’t have to be any concrete reason for the cause of depression in oneself, a person may be going on with their regular life just like every other human, spending time with friends and family, working and partying too, but what goes on inside is intangible to any other human. People need to understand the concept of intangibility that all that we don’t see doesn’t mean it does not exists there.

One of the reason that most probably helps in tackling Depression into humans we believe is the pressure of doing and being Right in everything you do. People are forgetting that it’s very much human to make mistakes and be wrong. The stereotypes that the society has set around in every aspect of life only firebacks at itself and everyone who is the part of this society.

Life is about experiences and living, it does not race to win, but something not to be wasted over stressing and heating thyself. Communicate and let your people know you are there for them, and you accept them for who they are and not for what they are.

Let’s all kill the Depression and not let it go the other way around.