Must-Know Beauty Tips For Every Women

Women are constantly scouting for get-gorgeous tricks that will make their skin flawless and hair shinier. Here are some of the best beauty hacks every woman must know to get that glamorous look! Read on!

Use green tea for beauty
Green tea is not just a miraculous detox drink, but also a miraculous skin tonic. Worried by swelling and stiffening of the skin? Green tea bags are what you need. Cooled green tea bags, placed over closed eyes, act wonders in getting rid of dark circles.

Vaseline for better eyebrow shaping
Eyebrows sometimes behave weird. But no worries! You can tame those unruly eyebrows with just a dab of Vaseline. Simply apply Vaseline over your brows and use your eyebrow brush for further shaping. As simple as that!

Cleanse with cold water
Every woman aspires to have flawless skin. For achieving that, it is essential to hydrate your body from the inside out. Cleanse your face with cold water at least twice every day. Avoid warm water. Warm water opens the skin pores and allows dirt to enter into them. And remember the mantra- at least eight glasses of water. This keeps your skin smooth and radiant.

Don’t cut cuticles
Getting a manicure? Don’t cut those cuticles! Why, you ask? They act as a protective seal against bacteria or even infection and if cut will leave you vulnerable. To save yourself from catching these infections, push back your cuticles after taking a shower, apply lotion and you are all set.