Smart Organization Ideas For A single Bathroom Shared Between Three Working Girls

Once we start earning and feel like we can proceed forward to being on our own and start getting independent in other matters along with financially, we decide to move out of our parent’s house to get real with some adulting. But, moving out and owning an apartment alone will be only considered as a dream because even with the concrete jungle growing all the while, the population of the world is too much to suffice single apartments for every individual event after almost reaching the skies.

Thus, having more than one roommate to share is a very common all over the world, but happens when it’s all girls who have work and places to reach to at same time with the only bathroom to their disposal. There are definitely gonna be chaos and chaos they make. Thus, smart organization comes in the picture, something that will enable a small crowd to fit in a pea sized bathrooms for daily early morning rendezvous.

So, here Bea with her “Bea Organized Skills” has come to rescue a group of three roommates from Brooklyn to smartly manage a small bathroom space amongst the three, come take inspiration!