Get Awestruck With The Colorful Instagram Feed Of the Creator Of AwwSam Website

As a DIY junky, anything related to the idea of Doing or creating something by yourself excites us. The DIY community believes in creating or recreating new stuff. The community is full of positivity and so much is achieved from it. Some of the essentials being, the DIY’ers make 100% use of every resource, nothing is trash or waste and anything and everything can be recreated in much cheaper costs. The community is an epitome of Creativity and for some is a rather calming activity in their day to day life. The Youtube and Blog community along with Pinterest has given so much meaning to the phrase “Do It Yourself”.

With her series on meeting up Famous, Self-made Instagram Celebrities Lucie Fink takes us with her this time to Sam Ushiro Owner of Awwsam Website who majorly focuses on DIY projects.

Watch on to how much of hard work and creativity goes behind creating things and along keeping a perfect Instagram feed.