The Best Women Nike Shoes on Zappos, As Per Zealous Reviewers

This affordable and stylish sandal has many gathered fans. “This is the perfect price for a quick, summer slip-on slide shoe that’s also cute,” raves one reviewer. “The minute I put my feet into these shoes I felt like I was walking on a cloud — no joke,” she writes happily. Another one says, “My feet are so comfortable and breathe in these.” They also come in handy in many situations.

These are great shoes to slip on while you are in a hurry to take out the trash or go to the store or after a pedicure or during a day of swimming. Another reviewer said, “I travel extensively so these are perfect airport shoes with some socks so I can slip them off and not touch the nasty ground. These are also perfect for post-workouts.”

They’re very durable and supportive even at a low price point. A reviewer who wore them while standing on hardwood floors throughout the day says “they are very comfortable and provide adequate arch support.” Another reviewer explains, “mine are still in such great condition although I got them a little over a year ago and wear them every day”