These are the Google Ads reporting metrics still affected by May 2 bug

The company is still working to fully correct reporting for May 1 and 2. Ginny Marvin on May 20, 2019 at 10:25 am
Google is still trying to correct several reporting metrics for May 1 and 2 that were affected by a bugdiscovered May 2.
The company issued an update Friday — in the help center rather than as another update to the original blog post — with details on which metrics have not been fixed.
Outstanding issues. The majority of the affected metrics encompass reach data. Advertisers measuring brick and mortar conversions should note that store visits, store purchase conversion and local action conversions are incorrect for the period. Impression share metrics are affected for hotel campaigns.
Google provided a list of the following metrics that remain incorrect for May 1 and May 2 in all Google Ads reporting interfaces.
• Reports:
o Paid and Organic.
o Per Store Report.
• Reach columns:
o Avg. impr. freq. / cookie.
o Avg. impr. freq. / user.
o Avg. view freq. / cookie.
o Unique users.
o Unique viewers (cookie).
o Unique cookies.
• Impr share, abs top IS, and Top IS for hotel campaigns.
• Store visits, local action conversions, and store sales data.
Also note. The reporting errors do not impact automated bidding models, but Google Ads Rules and Scripts that reference any of the metrics listed above may be impacted.
Google said Billing will be updated automatically as the data is corrected and that April 2019 Billing pages are correct.
Why we should care. It has now been more than two weeks since Google first alerted advertisers to the bug on May 2. Google said on May 10 that it had corrected store visits and purchase metrics for April 28 and 29 and from May 3 onward. Friday’s update means that all data is now corrected for April 30.